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Foundry Level Upgrade


High-Score PCB sold separately at:
Mike's Arcade or Arcadeshop.
Or get Foundry Upgrade preinstalled at

Foundry Level Upgrade ROM for
Brasington High Score Kit

This Foundry level is now available for the High Score kit made by Scott Brasington.  The upgrade involves a single ROM swap on the HS daughter board (pictured).

The upgrade retains all of the High Score function including the Diagnostic and Settings Menus.

ROM Swap Info
EPROM type: 27256 32k x 8
Replaces Location: Brasington HS Kit
Code Version K3.0

The upgrade will work for all DK High Score save kits.  It will not work for DDK.  You do not need to upgrade the ROMs on the original board--only the single ROM on the High Score board.

Ladder Cheat
Now you can switch ROMs via the settings menu so that the barrels don't roll down the ladders when you're at the top.

Screen Order
When LEVEL ORDER option is set to FOUNDRY, the screen order will be as show below.

Settings Menu with new options



new level!

EPROM Delivery
Single EPROM upgrades order from this site will be shipped by in Canada and will take about 12 days for delivery to the US. 

Known Issues
March 2007
Version K2.0 has a bug where the game resets itself upon reaching L=03 with the Foundry enabled.  This issue is fixed in version K3.0.  Owners of version K2.0 can contact me for an upgrade patch file.

Also available for:


Programmable Multi-Game